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Since SEX POSITIVE came out on DVD this month, I’ve been receiving fascinating emails from people around the world who saw it. I’ve traveled to 16 cities and a growing number of universities ever since SEX POSITIVE began making the film festival rounds in 2007.  I’ve realized that most questions people have could be answered best if I posted my safe sex archives online.  That way, people can draw their own conclusions.

Because it seems like an organized way to begin, I’m starting this archive with my work and personal history.  When that’s done, I’ll be adding the work of others.  Since this is about sex, beware of graphic content.

In addition to providing a front-line look at what happened when safe sex began, I hope that, in time, this archive/blog will be a valuable, research resource. If you have any comments,  you can email me or post them at the end of “SEX POSITIVE: A Film by Daryl Wein”: https://richardberkowitz.wordpress.com/?cat=38085386

For more information, contact me at: RichBerkowitzNYC@gmail.com

Richard Berkowitz
June 17, 2010

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